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I did theatre as a kid and through college. After that I did a lot of Improv which gave me a great foundation for all kinds of acting.

 Working on numerous projects for top Ad Agencies, large corporations and small Indie productions has given me tremendous experience.

Ultimately, I am indebted to hundreds of creative people, writers, producers, studio engineers, directors and other actors. I thank you all!

I hope you enjoy this showcase of my acting work.

Corporate Videos

SolarWinds Videos

Playlist Contains: 6 videos

Fun video shorts promoting SolarWinds Products.

Note: Videos play back-to-back.

Microsoft Videos

Playlist Contains: 2 videos

Humorous and quirky video blogs promoting Microsoft’s video game Age of Empires Online.

Note: Videos play back-to-back.


Demo Reel

Playlist Contains: 4 TV Commericals

A compilation of various TV Spots.

Note: Videos play back-to-back.

"Super Fan"

Playlist Contains: 5 videos

Funny TV spots depicting a partnership between two scheming marketing guys for Alaska Airlines and the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers, the results are ridiculous.

The spots received national attention, selected by Shoot Magazine as the “Best Spots You May Never See,” and a “Top Spot” feature in Adweek

Note: Videos play back-to-back.

Indie Movies


Playlist Contains: 2 videos

Dex plays “Tommy Two Toes”, the Italian mob boss trying to save his dying father in this gangster revenge film from Director Sam Akina. The movie played around the world with distribution on Showtime.

Note: Videos play back-to-back.



Playlist Contains: 13 videos

Dex plays “Bruce”, a down and out loser who decides he can turn his life around by becoming a Karaoke Video Director. “Unsung” is a slacker vibe comedy from Director Matt Daniels.

Note: Videos play back-to-back.

Natural Possession

Playlist Contains: 1 video

Dex plays “Larry the Undertaker” in this creepy & surreal horror movie about a serial killer who is carving up homeless people on the streets of Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

Note: Videos play back-to-back.


Mondo Scooterama

Playlist Contains: 8 videos

Dex plays “Stooge” in this wacky comedy movie from Director Timothy Johnston about rival scooter gangs. If you like campy action and greenscreen driving scences ala the 1950’s you’ll love this.

Note: Videos play back-to-back.


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