This week I decided to start a blog. So I’ll knock out two tasks with a single slash of my keyboard and let this post also serve as my new “About” page.

At times I consider myself to be a little like Surf n’ Turf, not just a steak… but steak and lobster. Although, I am probably more like Turducken, funnier and just as satisfying. Unfortuntately, I can’t say I am like a Happy Meal because I rarely, if ever, let clowns prepare my food.

Hopefully you are still reading this and didn’t scramble off to the fridge, but if you did that’s ok, I’ll wait.

Sure, I could have just as easily positioned myself as a Transformer but I didn’t want to mislead you into thinking I could turn into a Semi-Truck, Fighter Jet or Yellow Race Car. But, if you buy me this costume and invite me to your next party….

My career experience spans several domains and that is really what I am talking about. Some people are Doctors, others are Lawyers. I imagine I’d be more like a Doctawyer, with a big fin down my back and ready to write a prescription at a moment’s notice. Honestly, wish I had thought of this earlier in life. If I had become a Doctawyer, I could’ve sued myself for malpractice and made millions!

My career focus is building and marketing great products. I also enjoy creative work which sometimes pays for pizza and helps me stay positive in the face of life’s little challenges.

But back to the Turducken for a sec. If you get one for Thanksgiving and you only want the Turkey, then by all means, take a slice, slather on the gravy and pass the plate on down to the next person. And, if they don’t like the Duck part? Well I flat guarantee, if you invite enough people, someone at the table will wolf down that duck and might even ask for seconds! And the chicken? Do you know anyone who is not vegitarian who doesn’t eat the meat-that-everything-tastes-like? Are you Vegan? Vegitarian? Got you covered, skip this triple meat thing and BYOT… Bring your own Tofurkey.

Look, this is all an elaborate way of saying, you can hire me for technology and/or creative work. If you don’t need both that’s ok, but there is probably someone in your organization who will. Consider my additional skills like Aflac, you hope you don’t need it, but if all hell breaks loose it’s there for you, just like me.

Quick case study: I was a Product Manager at SolarWinds for nearly five years, and during that time they asked me to do all kinds of viral videos to help promote their products. It wasn’t in my job description, but I had fun helping out and can tell you they saved a whole lot of money on talent fees.

By the way, if you’re ever in Austin TX, the Turducken from this place is amazing! They even do catering… by the Bucket! You read that right, BY THE BUCKET!

Until my next post, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the…. Wait, that’s another guys’ tag line…

I should develop a clever sign-off, but I’m invoking the 80/20 rule because I’ve got no more time.

So for now…

Bye, Ciao, Later.


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